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Tell me more about VPS!

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A VPS is your own Virtual Private Server. Instead of having a normal, traditional Shared Hosting account, where you share a server with multiple other users, you have a whole server, just for yourself! You could potentially configure almost anything on VPS server as long as you have knowledge on how to do it since it provides almost complete freedom when it comes to resource limit management and what you can configure.

You must always take into consideration what kind of website (or server) you wish to be hosted on your VPS. If you plan to have a simple website or mailing system, it's recommended  to use cPanel/WHM or Webmin templates (CentOS 6 with cPanel and WHM or Debian 7 with Webmin/Virtualmin/LAMP):

1) cPanel template offers a much more user-friendly interface and has more integrated features. Because of this, using Linux commands is almost not needed at all while using this panel. However, you must keep in mind that this template requires additional cPanel/WHM license. The license and its prices can be located here:

2) If you do not wish to pay additionally for the cPanel's license, you can use Webmin/Virtualmin instead, since it is free to use and it provides all the essential features required to host a website on a VPS package. 

In any case, having at least basic knowledge about Linux and Linux commands is simply vital when it comes to VPS packages. If you feel completely lost - don't worry. The most important thing is experience and sooner or later, you won't even think about going back to a Shared Hosting package!

To find out more information about VPS packages, as well as learn all the initial configurations, installations and many more guides visit -