Why become a web hosting affiliate at Hosting24?

It costs nothing to become one. And you can make a fortune with the right plan and execution!

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High Affiliate Commissions

Hosting24 offers one of the highest affiliate payouts in the web hosting industry. You may earn up to 100% commissions depending on the sale type! Sounds awesome, right? What's more, you will be promoting a product that you know inside and out. Thus, you'll have all you need to introduce it to your audience and make sales.

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Earn Money Online

Since the action will take place online, you will have an excellent opportunity to make easy money. Potentially, the whole world is your market, so the sooner you start, the more you will earn. No matter the time or place, hop on to our affiliate area, grab some fancy banners and get started!

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Unlimited Earnings

Becoming a web hosting affiliate comes with its’ unique set of perks. One of them is no cap on the commission amount. This means that you can refer as many people as humanly possible and earn the full amount for each one. Forget all limits and become a successful web hosting affiliate with Hosting24!

How To Make Money Online As Hosting24 Affiliate?

Earning money as a web hosting affiliate is quite a straightforward process. Let’s break it down into four simple steps.

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Sign Up

Join the affiliate program by filling out a simple registration form. It’s completely free and takes less than a minute to complete!


Share Affiliate Link

To start off, you’ll get a unique affiliate link. You can share it on social media, forums, emails and begin referring people to Hosting24.


Implement Banners

You can take it one step further and place a few banners on your website. Let them do all the work for you!


Get Commissions

Claim 100% commissions for shared web hosting orders, and 50% for every VPS order. More orders mean a bigger payout!

What’s in it for you?

Make a fortune by being a part of the web hosting affiliate program. All you have to do is refer people and have them purchase our products!

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